Architectural Collaborations

Architectural Collaborations

The Architectural Collaboration program by the Acorn Deck House Company represents a forward-thinking approach to custom home design and construction. By combining the creative visions of independent architects with the company’s prefabrication expertise, this program delivers custom homes that are not only beautiful and unique but also built with precision, efficiency, and a commitment to sustainability.

Benefits of the Program


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Integrated Design and Fabrication Process

Once a design concept is agreed upon, the collaborative team develops detailed working drawings. These drawings serve as the blueprint for the prefabrication process, which takes place in Acorn Deck House Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This facility is equipped to produce high-quality, custom components for each home, ensuring precision and consistency in the construction process.

On-Site Construction

After the prefabrication stage, the custom components are transported to the construction site, where the home is assembled. This phase benefits from the meticulous planning and precision of the prefabricated components, allowing for a streamlined construction process that maintains the integrity of the original design while ensuring a high level of quality.






The Acorn Deck House Company’s Architectural Collaboration program is a synergistic partnership between independent architects and the company’s own Design Department. This collaboration is not just about bringing together diverse architectural visions but also about integrating these visions with Acorn Deck House Company’s advanced prefabrication techniques. 

Unique Collaboration Model

At the heart of the Architectural Collaboration program is a unique working relationship that fosters creativity and innovation. Independent architects bring their unique design perspectives and work closely with the Acorn Deck House Company Design Department. This partnership ensures that each project benefits from a broad spectrum of architectural ideas and the technical expertise necessary to bring these ideas to life. View our gallery of Architectural Collaborations here.


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Talking with [Acorn Deck House Company] staff made me seriously consider using [this] firm, but what finally ‘clinched it’ was that Acorn Deck House architect collaborations were encouraged… [It was a] happy collaboration. [My Architect] Glen Fontecchio worked with [Acorn Deck House’s] staff to design a home perfectly suited to our needs. Without a doubt, the final house is spectacular and really shows this dedication to the entire project.Joan R, Rhode Island Retreat Owner
The house was conceived of as a camp: two structures with sloped roofs linked by the open, glass living room and decks. The living room is the campground and campfire between two cabins… Acorn Deck House was very accommodating to our architectural goals, while providing feedback as to ways to improve the efficiency and affordability of the structure.Glen Fontecchio of Glen S. Fontecchio Architects, Architect Collaboration

View our gallery of Architectural Collaborations here.