Planning & Pricing

Planning & Pricing

Practical considerations are addressed well before building begins. We respect your desire to manage your budget and have developed an extensive, predictable estimating system. As the design takes on more definition, our Acorn Deck House Component Package estimates evolve into firmer quotations.


Our cost estimates include not only your custom design as well as specialized prefabricated components, but also independent builder construction pricing, including allowances for finish items such as cabinets, lighting, appliances, floor coverings and other amenities that are tailored to your specific choices.

When working with Acorn Deck House Company, you are able to understand the cost of your house fully before you begin construction. Our process of perpetual estimating provides an ongoing opportunity for “cost corrections” all along the way, and our technology provides clear design information, enabling us to manufacture components so that your builder can construct your home to exacting tolerances.



Our homes are custom designed by our in-house Architects and priced very competitively with other custom, Architect-designed homes. There are two cost components to building one of our homes: the Acorn Deck House Component Package and On-Site Construction by Local Builder:


Acorn Deck House Component Package

The cost for the Acorn Deck House Component Package includes the custom design development by our Registered Architects from concept to complete working drawings, as well as the prefabricated structural components needed for the weathertight shell of your home: including the posts and beams, wall panels, windows and roof. Many interior finishes are also included, such as stairs, rails, doors and trim.

Depending on your personal preferences and the complexity of your home’s design, the cost of our home package can vary, but is typically 1/3 of the overall cost of the project. Some of the items that will affect the cost of your Component Package are the home’s structural system, the number and style of windows and the choice of trim and finishes.

One of the strongest benefits to our Acorn Deck House Component Package pricing is that it is predictable and controllable.


On-Site Construction by Local Builder

This is the cost for your local builder to make your home operational. It includes the builder’s price for the foundation, to frame and finish the house, all mechanical systems, sheetrock, and painting. It also includes the variable allowances for your choices in cabinetry, countertops, appliances, tile, finish floors and lighting. This cost can fluctuate vastly depending on the level of finishes and builder selection; however, for upfront estimating purposes, this cost is generally two times the Acorn Deck House Component Package cost.


Combined Pricing

Excluding the cost of your site and any site work (excavation, utilities, etc.), the starting price for an average 1,500 s.f. home (including the Acorn Deck House Component Package + On-Site Construction by Local Builder, as outlined above) is ~$900,000.


Talk to Your Project Director

Since there are so many factors that affect the price, we prefer to speak with you to help assess your needs and provide an estimate that is tailored specifically to you. Throughout the project we will give you updated comprehensive estimates to facilitate your decision making and minimize surprises.