What Our Customers Say

It had never occurred to me that we could build a high-end home using a pre-engineered system and that it would be better in virtually every way… We got exactly the home we wanted.

– Frank Scherkenbach, Massachusetts Acorn Owner

Every day is a joy living in our Deck House. We love the surround of the signature beams, decking, hardware, and light, and the way the space flows from room to room. What more could we say than that we are second time Deck House owners!

– Dr. and Mrs. Jack K. Cooper

Working with the design and construction teams was a joy. They enabled us to translate our goals for a custom home into great architecture. There were many wonderful surprises in the finished details. Acorn Deck House Company helped create the perfect structure for our lifestyle and our site.

– Jack Russell, Connecticut Acorn Owner

Watching the framers put in the cedar decking for the ceiling of our Deck House was an amazing experience. It was at that moment that we realized how awesome our house was going to be. The beauty of the wood and the interior space created a warm and inviting home. It is our favorite place to be.

– Bob and Anne Pledger, Georgia Deck House Owners

[Our Project Director] has just been wonderful – always there for us, going above and beyond – and also has become a close friend.

– Sally Kimball, Berkshire Owner & South Carolina Deck House Owner

Talking with [Acorn Deck House Company] staff made me seriously consider using [this] firm, but what finally ‘clinched it’ was that Acorn Deck House Architect collaborations were encouraged… [It was a] happy collaboration. [My Architect] Glen Fontecchio worked with [Acorn Deck House’s] staff to design a home perfectly suited to our needs. Without a doubt, the final house is spectacular and really shows this dedication to the entire project.

– Joan R, Rhode Island Retreat Owner

The planning and design with our most resourceful Deck House architect make our dream possible. The house is shockingly beautiful, practical and just awesome!

– Joseph Liu and Beate Stepien-Liu, Rhode Island Deck House Owners

The harmony of line and proportion of our Deck House is a continual joy – the angled patterns of the beams, the expansive wood framed windows, and the sweep of the cedar decking ceilings.

– Laurel Heifetz, Oregon Deck House Owner

The several hundred miles between us and our new home site were inconsequential thanks to our Acorn representative and our builder. We’d do it again if forced to move away from our dream home.

– Dave and Sally Sargent, North Carolina Acorn Owners

It was a no-stress operation; rather, it was just great fun.

– Warren Kimball, Berkshire Owner & South Carolina Deck House Owner