About Prefabrication

Acorn Deck House Company utilizes a streamlined prefabrication system to create custom homes in our climate-controlled manufacturing facility.

But, what does prefabrication really mean?

Prefabrication is an umbrella term for components that are fabricated, or manufactured, in a climate-controlled indoor environment before (pre) being shipped to a job site. There are many types of prefabricated homes, the most common of which being modular and panelized.

In modular prefabrication, whole sections (modules) of homes are built and finished inside of a factory before being shipped and installed on-site. Modular systems tend to be less expensive than panelized systems, but also allow little customization. Acorn Deck House Company does not currently offer modular prefabrication.

In panelized prefabrication, designers are given much more freedom to develop truly custom prefabricated homes. Construction drawings are digitally broken down into wall panels and sections; the wall panels are prebuilt, posts and beams are precut and every component is labeled in order to fit together seamlessly on-site. Once prefabricated, all of the components are shipped to the building site to be assembled and finished by a builder.

Acorn Deck House Company proudly utilizes a panelized prefabrication system with many benefits: