About Us

Why Acorn Deck House Company?


As the world leader in prefabricated custom homes, Acorn Deck House Company has a distinguished legacy of experience and quality. From 1947 until today, Acorn Deck House Company has built over 20,000 homes worldwide and continues to design and manufacture custom homes everywhere from Maine to California, Israel to Japan.



Acorn Deck House Company utilizes a streamlined prefabrication system to create custom homes in our climate-controlled manufacturing facility. But what does prefabrication really mean?

Our Pricing

Acorn Homes, Deck Houses and NextHouses are custom designed houses, priced very competitively with other custom, Architect-designed homes. The quality of our homes exceeds that of conventionally built homes that are made of locally supplied materials.


Sustainability, or the practice of building “green,” is a topic everyone seems to be talking about today. While this may be a relatively new concept for many homeowners and builders, Acorn Deck House Company brand homes have, in fact, been environmentally conscientious since 1974, when we were pioneers in designing and constructing sustainable systems.


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Our History

Acorn Deck House Company has a rich history in the mid-century modernism movement, which has continued and evolved through the 21st century.


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