What is a sustainable building system?

Sustainability, or the practice of building green, is a topic everyone seems to be talking about today. While this may be a relatively new concept for many homeowners and builders, Acorn Deck House Company brand homes have, in fact, been environmentally conscientious since 1974, when we were pioneers in designing and constructing sustainable systems.

Our sustainable building expertise includes orienting your home to take full advantage of the sun’s paths and thereby maximizing its natural heating and lighting benefits, engineering the components to create a tight, energy efficient shell, and using a highly controlled manufacturing process that minimizes waste.

Acorn Deck House Company’s sustainable building practices include:

Are the Acorn Home, Deck House, and the NextHouse “Green?”

“Green” houses can include a range of energy efficient or eco-friendly initiatives. The number of these features incorporated into the building determines what shade of “green” it is. Acorn Deck House Company homes are already inherently environmentally conscientious because of their emphasis on passive solar benefits, tight construction, and controlled, waste-minimizing manufacturing process. We can work with you to achieve a truly “green” building by collaborating with suppliers of alternate energy sources and specifying environmentally safe and sustainable products. Our Acorn model house in Maryland was awarded an Energy Star rating; we can help you realize the same goal for your new home.