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Fabrication is the manufacturing process of the components for your home in the optimal conditions of a climate controlled indoor environment. Our manufacturing facility is free from the uncertainties (e.g. weather) of a house totally built on site. Because our systems are so well designed and because we purchase materials in large quantities, Acorn Deck House Company offers extraordinary features and quality craftsmanship.

Fabrication Benefits

  • Factory-built components under optimum conditions
  • Fast, efficient construction of a weather tight shell
  • Precision joinery that enhances fit and increases energy efficiency
  • Pre-cut and pre-assembled components that minimize resource waste
  • Unique floor systems that facilitate installation of mechanicals
  • Materials delivered to coordinate with your builder’s schedule

Deck House, NextHouse and Acorn fabricated component packages include all the materials required to create a weather-tight shell and the specialty millwork used in the interior. All components are meticulously precut and detailed for tight tolerances and an accurate fit. Our proprietary millwork – including mahogany entry doors, mahogany windows and sliding glass doors, magnificent stair and rail systems and trim styles is hand crafted and designed for modern lifestyles.

  • Window sizes and shapes are manufactured to meet your desire for uninterrupted walls of glass as well as your need for privacy in certain areas.
  • Specialty engineered floor systems offer superior strength and allow for installation of plumbing, heating and wiring without on-site cutting.
  • Beams and other structural members are precut and predrilled to conceal connecting hardware.
  • Wall panels have tight tolerances and superior performance.
  • Pre-engineering reduces framing time and dramatically reduces waste.
  • Specialty millwork products complement the overall design.

Watch a time-lapse video of the building process.