Frequently Asked Questions


The Design of your future house can be challenging to capture. Let us help you with the process.

How do I decide whether I want an Acorn Home, Deck House, or NextHouse?

Each of these three distinctive architectural styles features open plans, walls of glass and soaring volume spaces, and each can be custom designed for you and your site.

The Acorn Home is a modified post and beam house with most of the structure unexposed. The style features expansive walls of Pella windows, steep roofs, and traditional interior trim themes. Usually, the inside surfaces in an Acorn Home are painted for a fresh, sparkling look. Acorn Home exteriors draw on the best of American architectural traditions, updated with superb contemporary detailing.

The Deck House features post and beam construction with exposed Douglas fir beams, wooden ceiling, and mahogany windows and trim. The overall effect is a very sophisticated natural environment. The gently sloping roofs of the Deck House feature large overhangs that often give the house a Prairie or Craftsman style appearance.

The NextHouse is based on the Deck House model, but with a more modernist interpretation. Dominated by clean lines and hard edges, the NextHouse provides a sophisticated, urban approach to the post and beam design.


Can I customize my home design?
Absolutely! Each Acorn Home, Deck House, or NextHouse is custom designed and built according to the your specifications. Using our architect or yours, we can draw on archived Acorn Deck House building systems, plans, photos or simply your wish list as a starting point. From there, your own tastes, lifestyle requirements, and site characteristics will shape the final look and layout of your new home.


Do you also design the kitchen and provide the cabinets?
We offer specialized kitchen and bath design services to our customers who prefer to purchase their cabinetry from us. You may choose from several lines of premier American and European cabinetry products that are available to Acorn Deck House Company clients at considerable discounts. Our professionals will work with you to tailor the design, plus select materials and colors, according to your individual room requirements and décor preferences.


How does the design process work and how do I know I’ll get the home I want?
The foundation of the Acorn Deck House Company's sixty-year legacy of experience and quality is our firm commitment to customer satisfaction. Our home design process has been carefully developed and tested to ensure that you not only get the home you envision, but that it is well-built to your specifications and budget. More than 90% of our customers who respond to our Customer Survey tell us that their Acorn Deck House Company house actually exceeds their expectations.


Do you build additions for non Acorn Deck House Co brand homes?
Most of our additions are designed for the Acorn Home, Deck House, or NextHouse projects we have built. However, we have done additions for non-company homes when the addition is essentially free standing, connected “lightly” to the original house, and does not rely structurally on the main building in any way.