It’s PersonalInterior Conservatory in Prefab Home

Design a space that soars, a cozy alcove in which to retreat, a window to frame the natural views beyond.

Your vision is the basis for the architectural interpretation of the spaces you require. The architectural program will consider your lifestyle needs for today and the future.

  • How does your family spend their time at home? Do you  entertain a lot? Do you have long term guests?
  • What unique spaces and special features should your new home contain? Art collections and hobbies may be important to consider.
  • How do the members of your household come together? Live apart?
  • How should the design accommodate your current and future lifestyle? Is the nusery a potential office?

A good architectural planning program is the synthesis of both quantitative and qualitative issues. The quantitative aspects include the number of rooms, their square footage, materials and costs. The qualitative aspects include the description of the spaces, their special features, their volume, and their relationship to each other and the outdoors.

We will address regional issues as well, including:

  • Zoning and other regulations
  • Architectural review board and historic district requirements
  • Climatic conditions such as snow and wind loads and seismic conditions

It Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

After we have become familiar with your site and have had extensive discussions with you, your home takes shape as a concept sketch accompanied by a cost estimate.

For those who embrace the design process as a creative journey, the degree of personal customization is limitless. For others, personalizing a time-tested plan can be a comfortable starting point. We have many time-tested beautiful floor plans to fit your lifestyle. The degree of design customization is a choice. Your Acorn Deck House Project Manager will help you make the perfect decisions.

Every Acorn Deck House Company home is guided by the principles of post and beam construction: a building system that enables large, open floor plans and the flexibility to put walls wherever you want them as opposed to being mandatory to support the structure.

As modifications are made, the design will evolve into more refined architectural drawings and finally, working drawings with fully dimensioned elevations, foundation plans and details. Your personal input is welcomed every step of the way. Updated estimates, if necessary, will accompany each iteration.