The Acorn Deck House Company Collaboration program is a unique working relationship with independent architects to produce custom homes using our “kits of parts” and efficient processes.

The Collaboration program promotes design flexibility, predictability, cost & schedule control. Our processes and building systems provide a competitive advantage for firms seeking to simplify and accelerate the construction process.

We work alongside Architects to minimize the unpredictability that comes with realizing a custom home. Clients can now benefit from our collaborations with Architects. Some of the firms that we have partnered with in the past include:

  • Maryann Thompson Architects
  • BTA Architects
  • RH Design
  • Ruhl Walker Architects
  • Studio ABK Architects
  • Uli Design

One of the most successful collaboration projects is the HingeHouse which was designed by Maryann Thompson.

Beachfront Hingehouse Prefab Home

To view some of our collaborative projects, please click here.