What will it cost to build? What should I plan for? What financial options do I have?

Acorn, Deck House and NextHouse homes are architecturally designed houses, priced very competitively with other truly custom houses. The quality of our homes exceeds that of conventionally built homes made of locally supplied materials. Excluding the cost of your site and any site work, the typical price range for a finished Acorn Deck House Company home can range from $285 – $420 per square foot.

There are three main components to the cost of building your dream home: 1) Acorn Deck House Home Package Cost, 2) Builder Cost and 3) Land/Site Related Costs.

The Acorn Deck House Home Package
The cost for the Acorn Deck House Home Package includes not only design development from concept to complete plans, but also the pre-engineered components for the structural frame, walls, windows and roof. In addition many interior costs are included like beams, stairs, rails, interior doors and trim. The typical price range to purchase one of our home packages is $95 – $140 per square foot. Some of the items that will affect the cost of your package are the number of windows, the choice of trim and finishes and the complexity of your home’s design. One of the strongest benefits to our Acorn Deck House Package pricing is it is predictable and controllable.

Builder Cost
This is the cost which is paid to your local builder and his sub contractors (plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.) to make your home weather tight and operational. It includes the builder’s fixed price for carpentry labor to frame and finish the house, the foundation, all mechanical systems, sheetrock, and painting. It also includes the variable allowances for your choices in cabinetry, countertops, appliances, tile, finish floors and lighting. This cost can fluctuate vastly depending on many personal choices and builder preference.

Land/Site Related Cost
Your land and site work is crucial to the design of your home. We don’t begin to design until we understand the unique characteristics of the land on which you will be building. Our ability to see the potential of a site is one of our strong suits. Many of our clients already own the property where they intend to build. Like builder costs, the cost of your property and site preparation can range very dramatically from state to state and country to country; therefore, we are unable to provide land cost estimates.

Since there are so many factors that affect the price, we prefer to meet with you to help assess your needs and provide an estimate that is tailored to your specific situation. Throughout the project we will give you updated comprehensive estimates to facilitate your decision making and minimize surprises.


What else is included in the price?
In addition, the price of every one of our projects includes all of the Design, Preconstruction, Builder, and Owner Services that are provided with every Acorn Home, Deck House, or NextHouse.