Long after you move into your new custom home, Acorn Deck House Company will continue to support your lifestyle and investment through our special owner services. With your house plans safely stored in our archives, we will be here to help you renovate and enhance your home for years to come. For as long as you enjoy your Acorn Deck House Company home, you are a part of a family of homeowners who can turn to us to meet evolving needs requiring additions and renovations that are consistent with the signature style and quality of an Acorn Deck House Company home. In addition to a limited 5 year warranty, you can order Acorn Home, Deck House, and NextHouse brand components such as doors, windows, decking, and railings to update and enhance your home for years to come through our Parts and Service Office. We still hear from owners who built their homes more than 30 years ago and want to update, enlarge or enhance it for their current needs.

Here is a 1985 Deck House kitchen with our 2011 transformation.

Before Kitchen Remodeling   After Kitchen Remodeling