Photo by Alex Maness

Olga Ryabenko is back!

Olga started her career at Deck House in 1998, shortly after emigrating from her native Ukraine where she earned her architectural degree. She quickly became the “go-to” designer for challenging custom projects, and demonstrated technical finesse as well as being a delightful resource for other designers, project managers, builders, and clients. Olga was instrumental in the development of the DWELL homes division of Deck House and became the design department manager for those houses. She was a member of the original NextHouse Design team. During her tenure at Deck House and later running her own business, Olga has had many successful collaborations with outside architectural firms such as Mary Ann Thompson, Office DA, Charlie Lazor, Studio ABK and Res4. We are thrilled to have Olga back, this time in a new capacity as Project Manager. This will allow her to exercise her considerable talent in shaping a project from the beginning based on input from the client, the budget, and the challenges of the individual building site. Olga is an outstanding listener and is in a unique position to bring an impressive track record to play as she synthesizes each project’s variables and implements her creativity and pragmatism to achieve the best design solution. Her goal is consistent with the overall company philosophy – namely, it is a privilege to be involved in a custom design project, and her goal – and ours – is to help you achieve a result that will exceed your dreams.