Conservatory Remodel

1985 Deck House
Conservatory Remodeled in 2006

The application of exterior and interior finishes is crucial to the appearance and durability of your Deck House. On going maintenance will protect and lengthen the life of your home.

Don’t Be Fooled By Good Looking StainĀ 

Exterior wood surfaces, including window frames and doors, must be treated on a regular basis. If your doors and windows have not been sealed or sealed improperly, the wood can expand and contract allowing water and air into your home. This can cause premature failure of the component and possible structural damage to your home. Examine your house annually and recoat all exposed wood as required, before any deterioration occurs. In extreme conditions, where materials are exposed to excessive sunlight or salt air and spray, wood may need to be treated more often than is suggested in this blog. Many times stains may look to be in good condition even after they have stopped protecting the wood. Water should bead and run off, not soak into a stain that is in good condition.

Special Areas To Watch Out For

Make sure all exposed wood is sealed with the proper sealant. If your home has not been sealed in 5 years it is most likely over due. Some areas may need to be sealed more often than others. Pay attention to southern exposures (areas that see a lot of sun), areas that have too much shade, places where there are trees or shrubs too close to the house and overly wet spots of the house from runoff and splashing. UV rays and moisture, that can’t evaporate, will break down paint and stains quicker than what the manufacturer suggests.

If you are in an area where it snows, make sure you carefully shovel snow away from your windows and sliders. Sometimes snow will melt at the glass from the interior’s heat. Then as the weather gets colder it will expand when it freezes and cause damage. As this continues it will move window and slider parts and potentially leak, causing even more damage.

Make It A Habit

Daylight Savings is a good time to change your batteries and check your house. It might seem like a bother but a quick check will save you time, money and the look of your house! For reference you might want to keep a list of products used and a date on the can when last applied.

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Steve Kay


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